Solution: Transmittal management with enaio®

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Transmittal management with enaio®

The success of major projects is heavily dependent on the seamless flow of information between all parties involved in the project. Transmittals are the de facto standard in this context; they are practiced globally in major building projects, in the field of mechanical engineering, and in other industrial sectors. The aim here is to conveniently transfer vital business documents such as blueprints, data sheets, and logs to business partners and obtain documented proof that the recipient indeed received the files. enaio® transmittal management was developed for exactly this purpose.

  • Simple, secure, and standardized generation and transfer of transmittals
  • Transmittals save storage space by sending document links
  • Audit-proof logging of all key transmittal data
  • Web client for access from any workstation worldwide
  • User-friendly graphical monitoring and analytics tools
  • Numerous additional functions such as escalations, retention and dunning periods, substitution rules, etc.
  • Manage and monitor several concurrent transmittals
  • Optional portal, ERP, and app integration

Successfully manage complex projects
enaio® transmittals provide for structured collaboration.

Faster processes

Process automation made possible thanks to systematic transmittal management.

Greater transparency

Permanently reduce the risk of liability thanks to transparency and a monitoring function.

Increased collaboration

Exchange information anywhere and anytime with ease.

Step by Step to Successful Transmittals

Targeted control over transfer and release processes is possible in enaio®. In addition, these processes can be adapted to meet your individual requirements.

Granular assignment of roles and rights

Tasks and permissions are assigned to roles. This makes it easier, for example, to arrange stand-ins for employees on vacation and changes in personnel.

Transmittal Management with enaio®

Greater process efficiency and lower liability risks

Based on the enaio® Enterprise Content Management solution and the transmittal process proven in industrial practice, enaio® transmittal management allows you to automatically exchange documents with full transparency and traceability at all times. This is all possible without any restrictions on communications due to e-mail limits and non-secure attachments. Using enaio® transmittal management, you can create, send, manage, and archive transmittals in an audit-proof manner.

  • Faster workflows thanks to process automation
  • Reduced risk of liability thanks to increased transparency and improved monitoring
  • Compliant exchange of information/data
  • Permanent traceability of transmittal actions
  • Transparent documentation regarding project milestones, revisions, and conflicts
  • Improved collaboration

  • “Our employees can always see which documents have already been sent, which ones are still in circulation, which ones were shared at which time, and much more. That makes work significantly easier.”

    Wolfgang Fuhr
    Head of IT and Organization
    Gebr. Pfeiffer SE
  • “As a company specialized in major projects in the field of plant engineering, transmittals are an important method of communication and documentation for us.”

    Wolfgang Fuhr
    Head of IT and Organization
    Gebr. Pfeiffer SE