Solution: Digital tenant and property records with enaio®

All Properties at a Glance

Use enaio® for real estate management

Today’s real estate industry encompasses far more than constructing, renovating, and managing rental properties. Forward-thinking, predictive management has long been a key component of ensuring growth and success in this field. Legal requirements require players in the industry to take an even longer-term view of investment decisions, as well as to carry out sustainable information management. Large volumes of data and documents come into play, particularly for coordinating allocation and business initiation processes.

enaio® makes a valuable contribution as far as these are concerned by efficiently structuring and managing all relevant information, such as master data from tenants, rental properties, and the affiliated documents. Document management modules such as digital property records, archiving and note functions, and centralized e-mail storage support seamless processes and reduce administrative workloads.

  • Contract management
  • Digital tenant records, service connection records, contract records, and more
  • Real estate management
  • Compliance (audit-proof archiving)
  • Meeting management

Records management and archiving from a single source
enaio® always keeps your document stock clean, thus enabling meaningful archiving

Ein elektronisches Archiv braucht keinen Regalplatz, digitale Dokumente sind überall sofort zur Hand und der Zugriff darauf lässt sich überprüfen. Damit eine ordnungsgemäße Aufbewahrung sichergestellt wird, regeln zahlreiche Vorschriften und Gesetze, welche Inhalte auf welche Weise und für welchen Zeitraum aufbewahrt werden müssen. Beim digitalen Archivieren mit enaio® lassen sich beispielsweise die Vorgaben der GoBD einfach umsetzen.

  • Raum für Archive, Papier und Zeit sparen
  • Schneller Zugriff auf Dokumente und Informationen
  • Erhöhte Auskunftsfähigkeit intern und extern
  • Sicherer Schutz durch Zugriff nur für berechtigte Mitarbeiter
  • Revisionssicherheit durch lückenlose Nachvollziehbarkeit bzw. Dokumentation


Manage documents in a standardized platform without media interruptions.


Custom-tailored to the needs of the real estate business.


Uniquely wide variety of interfaces to Office, ERP, and specialist applications.

Rental property records provide a complete overview

All property master data is centrally collected in the rental property records, which guarantees that you are able to provide information at all times.

Digital tenant records

From the contract term to the property number, the relevant information for each rental property is always available in the tenant records.

Structured work with enaio®

Thanks to the clear folder structure in enaio®, you can find everything very quickly: from tenders for maintenance measures, to correspondence with tenants, to utility bills.

All Tenant and Property Information at a Glance

Digital tenant and property records

Property managers need to have a clear view of all information related to buildings and rental status at all times. The tenant and property records provide precisely that – and more.

You constantly enjoy a detailed overview of your real estate inventory, the associated documents, and the state of each rental property (renovation measures, individual invoices, current construction projects, etc.). You can use targeted information search requests to provide all necessary information on a new rental or answer questions from tenants or real estate agents.

enaio® is also linked with various portal solutions, particularly in the area of ERP, for managing service providers (building superintendents, surveyors, civil engineers, etc.).

Lead your property management into the digital future – with ECM that offers the right solutions for the daily challenges of real estate management.

  • Structured storage of incoming and outgoing documents and invoice receipts related to tenants or properties
  • Immediate access to all relevant information
  • Closely linked with specialist applications such as SAP RE-FX, Blue Eagle, and ERP systems with automatic master data transfer when new records are created
  • Integrated workflow system, for example, for approving business documents
  • Follow-up and deadline management
  • Client-capable ECM system

  • “For real estate companies in particular, it’s very important for property documentation to be complete and kept up-to-date, since the value of the property and the quality of asset management often depend largely on these factors.”

    Anna Maria Losos
    Project Manager
    Alstria office REIT AG
  • “enaio® is based on open software architecture, which opens up the potential to develop company-specific solutions with your own technical expertise. This benefit could definitely be emphasized more strongly in advertising to SMEs.”

    Johannes Baur
    Commercial Director
    HAHNE Holding GmbH