Solution: Connecting storage technology to enaio®

Permanently Protect Key Data

Using enaio® with storage technologies

A growing number of companies from the field of industry, the public sector, the healthcare industry, and many more are opting for enaio® each year. What they need from their IT systems varies as much as the organizations themselves do. One thing they do share in common, however, is that they all need a solution for digitally archiving large volumes of data and documents in an audit-proof manner.

In the past, tape jukeboxes had served as the primary solution to this problem. These systems are relatively slow and prone to error, and only offer limited storage capacity. That’s why this technology is losing ground by the day and being replaced by modern hard drive systems. These systems offer clear advantages in term of access times, the cost of acquiring and operating them, and the time required to administer them.

As the number of applicable laws and compliance regulations increases, companies cannot afford to put off the decision to develop and expand the relevant storage infrastructure. Wherever large amounts of data are involved, digital archiving should take place in separate storage solutions to ensure that the data cannot be altered and sufficient backups are performed.

For pros by pros
Integration into storage systems offered by leading providers and vendors


Archive information in an audit-proof manner and increase availability.


Optimize the use of hardware and software components and free up storage space.


Storage solutions and interfaces help reduce costs and comply with regulations.

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Our partners

In business, it is standard practice to document all business transactions to guarantee full audit compliance for years to come. To best meet your requirements, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, as a software and solution provider, has been working for many years with a select group of technology partners who offer storage solutions suitable for the audit-proof, long-term archiving of data and documents in your product catalogues.

iTernity iCAS

iTernity from software vendor iCAS is the perfect complement to enaio®. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS therefore made the decision to partner up with iTernity way back in 2007. By avoiding vendor lock-in with regards to the storage hardware used, iCAS is able to offer maximum flexibility for customers and thus ensure their investment is protected. The solution stores archive data as patented data containers whose integrity can be verified at any time via secure hash values, thereby achieving the highest standards in terms of security and compliance.

Network Appliance SnapLock™

Die vollständige Kompatibilität der Schnittstelle enaio® storage-for-netapp mit der SnapLock™- Technologie von Network Appliance ist seit 2006 zertifiziert. Über diese Schnittstelle können auch mehrere NetApp-Systeme gleichzeitig angesteuert werden. Je nach Lizenz kann dabei auf NetApp-Systemen beliebiger Größenordnung und Anzahl archiviert werden. NetApp-Storagelösungen können als WORM oder NAS eingebunden werden. Außerdem werden FC und iSCSI für die Integration in ein SAN uneingeschränkt unterstützt.

HP/iCAS (Hewlett-Packard)

HP/iCAS from Hewlett-Packard is connected to enaio® via the certified enaio® storage for hp icas interface. The interface enables the storage solution to be easily integrated as a virtual archive server. This can alternatively be done on the basis of the iTernity File System Gateway. HP/iCAS supports NetApp SnapLock™ emulation, which allows for the use of the last access times and read-only status of archived documents, similar to when connecting a NetApp solution.


enaio® storage-for-gray is a certified interface to GRAU storage systems and supports the Grau ArchivManager and Grau FileLock.

With enaio® and GRAU’s storage systems, revision-proof archiving solutions can be implemented.

Hitachi data systems

The Hitachi Content Archive Platform is easily connected to enaio® via a network drive provided by the appliance. The enaio® storage for hcap interface has been certified as HCAP compatible since October 2006. Thus, seamless interaction between enaio® and the Hitachi storage appliance can be guaranteed.

FAST LTA Silent Bricks

The enaio® interface is certified compatible with FAST LTA Silent Bricks. The interface ensures seamless interaction between enaio® and the storage solution. Silent Bricks uses a proprietary WORM archiving method with proven NAS functionality. The solution is configured and managed using an integrated Web interface.

  • “The interfaces are carefully implemented in specialist processes, allowing our archive to run completely in the background. This means our clerical staff have no direct interaction with the archive, outside the scan and display window. We were able to significantly reduce the amount of time we spend on time-consuming tasks like searching, distributing, forwarding, creating, and copying paper-based documents.”

    Tom Albertin
    Deputy Director of the Municipal Public Office
    The Municipality of Jena
  • “Thanks to the combination of an ECM solution with an archive solution, we now have a centralized, audit-proof archive that optimally protects that data, yet keeps it available.”

    Martin Overath
    IT Department Head
    University Hospital Frankfurt/Main