Solution: Meeting management with enaio®

Rethinking Collaboration

enaio® digitizes your meetings

Meetings should be well-organized and well-prepared, since for decision-makers, time is valuable and in short supply. Meeting management with enaio® optimizes all phases of your meeting, group, and committee work – from planning to documentation and follow-ups. The proven enaio® standard features also provide you with additional support.
  • Professional session management
  • Automated, audit-proof archiving of meeting documents
  • Organization-wide access to meeting documents for authorized employees
  • Full-text search in logs, agendas, etc.


Meeting information is available to participants and decision-makers at all times.


Over-arching collaboration of all participants is reinforced.

Outlook Integration

Meetings are fully synchronized with your calendar in Outlook.

Mobile availability

Whether it’s on your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone, your meeting data is always available. Offline mode allows you to edit documents even when the Internet connection is poor, such as on a train or plane.

List view

Granular rights management provides you with the necessary information. You don’t need to worry about internal information – only authorized employees will have access to these documents.

Details view

Set up meetings and agendas with a comprehensive range of features.

Securely Manage Meeting Data and Documents

Unhindered flows of information create synergies

Meetings, consultations, and committees generate large volumes of data and documents. These need to be stored and archived in an audit-proof way. enaio® contains practical ECM features that ensures the required work is tangibly simplified and made more transparent and secure. Minutes, agenda items, participant lists, and meeting dates are manually or automatically transferred to enaio® and archived.

enaio® makes stored documents available to all authorized employees throughout the organization. It also ensures that information can be quickly found and distributed in a targeted way. Your employees will be relieved of time-consuming work, and collaboration across departments will be improved.

Perfect Meeting Management – Thanks to Perfect Integration

  • Designed for banks, (health) insurance providers, and associations
  • Simple management and control of open meeting items and tasks
  • Less organizational work required for organizers, participants, and guests
  • Easy to work with – even when you’re on the go, or directly in the browserr

Project reference of this solution:

Improved collaboration at
EDEKA Minden-Hannover

To the reference
  • More than 68.000 employees
  • Founded 1898
  • Serving 1,491 markets

  • “We really liked that OPTIMAL SYSTEMS understood what type of solution we were looking to implement. That way, we created a standardized basis. We also really like that the software is very flexible to use.”

    Sven Erik Sahrhage
    Group Process Management
    Edeka Minden-Hannover Stiftung & Co. KG
  • “The high level of penetration of the ECM solution within our business processes enables seamless linking of our departments.”

    Björn Gersch
    Director Operations
    Meyer GmbH & Co. KG