Solution: Universal compatibility thanks to REST APIs

Say Goodbye to Compatibility Problems

enaio® adapts to every system

Data and information cannot be fully exploited unless they can be easily exchanged between applications. Avoiding media interruptions makes the timely flow of information possible throughout a company.

enaio® supports reliable data exchange within a company’s heterogeneous IT landscape via a true REST API. That way, enaio® can be linked with systems on platforms of your choice.

  • Centralized access to the API via gateway, including authentication/authorization
  • Integration with the REST API via existing systems
  • Integration with portals and Web clients/services
  • Microsoft Office and Exchange integration
  • Project-specific integration with ERP systems via standardized and specialized REST Web services

Flexible architecture

enaio® is highly flexible and can be modified at all times.

Modular design

enaio® is scalable and can be expanded via a load balanced system.

Universally compatible

Easily and reliably integrate enaio® with third-party systems via the REST API

Simple, Reliable enaio® Integration

Expandability Thanks to Modular Design

enaio®’s high ability to integrate with other systems is due to its flexible architecture, which strictly separates presentation, logic, and data storage. The core components used are a digital archive as well as a document and workflow management system. These allow users to create, edit, and search documents, plus trigger workflows, across systems.

The core system can be seamlessly expanded with additional components – such as customer-specific services – and is therefore highly scalable, even during ongoing operations.

The enaio® REST interface boasts a high level of compatibility and system stability, particularly for the development of mobile API scenarios.

  • Server engines form the basic framework
  • Open architecture enables simple, fast integration of new components (fast reaction, requirements can also be changed on short notice)
  • Data layer comprises database system, document storage, and document archive
  • Support of relational databases, full-text engines, and storage components

  • “Our switch to enaio® was successful, thanks in no small part to the product’s powerful interfaces.”

    René Meier
    Project Manager
    Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM)
  • “The availability of interfaces to the specialist procedures was one of the most important factors in our decision, since our goal is to implement centralized information management.”

    Tom Albertin
    Deputy Director of the Municipal Public Office
    Municipality of Jena