Solution: Quality management with enaio®

Secure and Reliable

Quality assurance with enaio®

Quality management systems (QMS) are a key factor in long-term business success. The main advantages of such systems include transparency and information provided regarding processes as well as clearly defined organizational structures.

enaio® can be flexibly adapted to the application at hand, whether that be quality management in health care (administration, clinics, and hospitals) or in regulated environments such as in the pharmaceutical industry.

Quality management as part of the change process
enaio® ensures structured processes.

Speed up quality processes

enaio® supports your business and work processes while harmonizing them in their entirety. The result is an information and process management tool where the individual modules and functions mesh together, from the recording of business processes to the mapping of complex workflows.

  • Map structured, value-creating processes electronically
  • Automatic document forwarding
  • End-to-end documentation of business processes
  • Standardized processes reduce employee workload
  • Information provided in the right context
  • Comprehensive change management and audit-proof archiving

Secure processes

Logging ensures the transparency of process workflows.

Full overview

Electronic records provide information on the current status of events.

Deadline monitoring

Missed deadlines are a thing of the

Central quality management

End-to-end documentation and defined processes are two ways enaio® supports you in all your QM activities.

Document-based Quality Assurance Processes

enaio® helps optimize quality from top to bottom

Quality management systems in use in the healthcare sector, in regulated environments, and in the technical field mean one thing in particular: end-to-end documentation. The requirements are often out of line with the costs associated with meeting them. ECM software such as enaio® allows you to automatically execute and secure document-based quality assurance processes. ECM functions, such as logged notices or subscriptions, improve the flow of information.

This allows you to integrate and use your specific QM and QA templates directly in enaio®. The documents are then automatically forwarded for further processing to other departments or employees, if necessary, using workflows. You are automatically notified of changes via a subscription service. Structured, standardized processes and automatic document creation, versioning, and distribution result in employees increasing their focus on value-creating processes.

Stronger customer ties thanks to enaio®

  • Bundle service information in electronic records
  • Provide the right information quickly
  • Improve your ability to provide information
  • Increase service quality and boost customer loyalty
  • Best-practice solutions for regulated environments
  • Optimally comply with regulations, guidelines, and laws
  • Comprehensive SOP, incident, and change management
  • Rapidly detect deviations and avoid errors
  • Transparent, clear documentation for quality processes

  • “The new system delivers significant upgrades in terms of security and quality and with respect to the structuring and optimization of processes. The bank, its employees, and its customers, all benefit from this.”

    Esther Rölli
    Project Manager
    Bank Leumi
  • “Our employees can work more efficiently because information is available to them faster. We are now able to provide much higher-quality information much faster across the board.”

    Edwin Mielke
    IT Manager
    Carl Fuhr GmbH & Co. KG