Solution: Invoice processing with enaio®

Keep a Firm Grip on Your Finances

Thanks to digital invoice processing with enaio®

Many companies still process their invoices on paper. This results in increasing error rates, long processing times, and a lack of an overview. In the worst-case scenario, discounts can no longer be provided, and payment deadlines can’t be upheld. Moreover, invoice storage is costly. Switching to electronic invoices with enaio® can save a company up to 80 percent on costs and unleash unused labor potential.

enaio® enables quick, secure processing and exchange of electronic invoices. Review routines and digital workflows for notification and approvals ensure a high level of security and transparency. enaio® is a solution that detects incoming invoices (whether they are in electronic or paper form), distributes them automatically, and compares the data with existing data in the ERP or financial accounting system. The transactions and invoices can be directly linked with electronic records.

Manual invoice processing incurs significant costs for companies.
Digital solutions create lasting potential to save on money and boost efficiency.


Realize significant time savings through digitized and automated invoice processes.

Can be integrated in many different areas

enaio® works together with established ERP and financial accounting systems.


Self-learning capture mechanisms optimize work during operation.

Digitize invoices

You can find all the invoice documents that need to be processed in the invoice inbox. Workflows support timely processing.

Catalogue all invoices

All invoice data is displayed in a clearly sorted way. The respective data status is always recognizable at a glance.

Direct invoice dispatch

Send your invoices directly via e-mail, thanks to Outlook integration. To this end, integration with all common ERP and financial accounting systems is supported.

Potential for Rationalization During Invoice Processing

Digitize, process, and archive invoices

enaio® allows you to implement easy-to-automate solutions for incoming invoices in your company. Incoming invoices are digitized via batch scan and self-learning data extraction and automatically stored in the right context in enaio®.

Moreover, the captured data can be checked for plausibility and compared with existing data in the proprietary ERP/financial accounting system.

All receipts for individual posting records can be directly displayed in the respective ERP system (image enabling). Dunning and retention periods for the system ensure that deadlines are upheld and tasks aren’t left undone.

The documents can trigger workflows in the ECM system that ensure automated forwarding to the responsible editor. Substitution rules, follow-ups, and dunning periods ensure that nothing is left undone and that everything is transparently processed on time.

  • Elimination of paper-based mail distribution, transport and waiting times
  • Fewer incoming invoices lost
  • Shortened processing times through digital forwarding
  • Better use of discount periods
  • Automated data extraction and provision for leading data processing systems (ERP and financial accounting)

Audit-Proof Storage in All Formats

Once business processes are completed, the associated documents are archived in enaio®. All process-relevant information can be attached to the invoice (account assignment information, posting stamp, approval protocol, etc.)

enaio® thereby creates an important basis for audit-proof digital archiving through transparent process control in combination with corresponding process documentation. This makes it easy to implement the requirements of the GoBD, for example.

enaio® also allows you to handle paper invoices and import and automatically process various electronic invoice formats, such as ZUGFeRD and XRechnung, from electronic inboxes.

  • Digitize invoices via OCR, automated data extraction, and self-learning detection
  • Integration with popular ERP and financial accounting systems
  • Set-up of representative rules as well as dunning and retention periods
  • Integrated workflow management system
  • Supports various invoice formats (e-mail, PDF, ZUGFeRD, EDIFACT, etc.)
  • Lays the groundwork for audit-proof digital archiving (GoBD etc.)

Our reference: 

Electronic invoice processing
at Kesseböhmer Holding e.K.

To the reference
  • Founded in 1954
  • More than 2,750 employees
  • 9 locations

  • “Our invoice processing times have been reduced by up to 80 percent, thanks to the incoming document workflow that integrated perfectly into our company workflows.”

    Björn Gersch
    Director Operations
    Meyer GmbH & Co. KG
  • “Incoming invoices are automatically processed, and all participants, meaning the mailroom, auditors, and objective corrections, are integrated into the electronic invoice review process without media interruptions.”

    Roland Geiger
    Head of EDV
    MVV Energie AG