Solution: Integrating enaio® into SAP

Your Choice of Connectors or ArchiveLink®

enaio® enables seamless integration with SAP

Generally speaking, SAP does not map important functional areas such as digital archiving or e-mail management. That’s why SAP offers a certified archive interface with which documents, data, and receipts can be exported. enaio® adds ECM functions to SAP that support various archiving and document management scenarios along the entire transaction chain.

The enaio® connectors provide the technical components to reproduce relevant data from SAP in the ECM system, switch back and forth between the electronic records in enaio® and the corresponding SAP transactions, and write the results of processing steps in SAP.

  • Audit-proof archiving of incoming documents and reports as well as ones generated in SAP
  • Quick searches for archived documents directly from SAP
  • Bulk capture of incoming documents
  • Full content integration

SAP integration via ArchiveLink®
ArchiveLink® is an option for connecting enaio® and SAP with one another.

Targeted expansion

Expand SAP with a wide range of enaio® ECM functions, such as archiving receipts digitally.

Faster overview

Use enaio® to clearly collate SAP data from receipts and similar in digital records.

Direct interface

enaio® has been successfully certified for integration with the NetWeaver SAP solution.

Digitally Archiving Documents with enaio® – Details

Audit-proof, evidential value, process-oriented

enaio® provides the foundation for implementing the requirements of the German Commercial Code (Sections 239, 257), the German Fiscal Code (Sections 146, 147), and the GoBD guidelines. Your information and documents that need to be stored are managed across their entire lifecycle and remain archived in an audit-proof manner.

Archiving is carried out in such a way that information can be located at any time, access and changes are transparent, and all documents remain unchanged and secured against forgery (for documents where this is required).

enaio® provides you with the ideal tools for forgery-proof, long-term archiving of electronic information.

  • Fulfills all legal requirements for storing documents (IT compliance)

  • Maps guidelines such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Directive 2006/43/EC of the European Parliament and Council, and Basel III

  • GoBD-compliant archiving of tax-relevant data

  • Qualified signature features and features for ensuring the authenticity of digital documents

  • Protected access to the system; single sign-on and integration of other authentication technologies

  • Group-based and user-specific rights assignment

  • Certified interfaces to cutting-edge storage technologies from iTernity, NetApp, EMC² Center, and more

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Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Technology

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  • Company exists since 1920
  • 500 employees in Europe
  • 720,000 parts produced annually