Solution: Incoming Mail – Increased Organization Through Digitalization

Cleaning Up the Inbox

enaio® ensures order

The volume of incoming mail in companies often reaches an order of magnitude that conventional software can no longer handle – or that can only be managed by investing a lot of man-hours and money. 

enaio®’s inbox and mail distribution solution meets all legal requirements, and it significantly accelerates and optimizes your mail distribution.

  • Digital inbox
  • Significantly reduced throughput times
  • Flexible work distribution
  • Reduction of manual pre-sorting
  • Audit-proof archiving

Inbox management with enaio®
Specialized function modules execute the work steps automatically

Increased time savings

Digitized inbox & distribution processes are simply faster.

Improved security

Digitized mail cannot get lost and is quickly retrieved in the ECM system.

More cost savings

Digitized mail saves up to 70 percent of the cost of manual processing.

Digitizing analog processes

Incoming mail is rapidly captured in a fully automated manner, even when handling large volumes.

All data within easy reach thanks to digitalization

Validation in the course of processing incoming mail ensures the validity and plausibility of data. enaio® provides you with the appropriate modules for this.

ECM Features for Digitizing Incoming Mail

Capturing, classification, workflows – from a single source

enaio® offers automated inbox solutions for your company, no matter where the data comes from, e.g., document scans, faxes, e-mail inboxes, as well as COLD or data imports.

Letters are digitized using batch scans and classification components. Then the content is captured and automatically stored in the correct context. Relevant data is recognized, extracted, and imported into enaio®. This is where the actual distribution to the agents or departments takes place.

The data is subjected to validity checks and compared against existing data, e.g., information managed in CRM systems. Depending on their content, the documents can trigger different workflows in enaio® that automatically forward the documents to the responsible agents. Substitution rules, follow-ups, and dunning periods ensure that everything is processed on time.

  • Digitization of paper-based mail with the aid of capturing
  • Automatic recipient assignment or mail classification
  • Shorter throughput times, elimination of transport and idle times, mail distribution across all sites
  • Avoidance of redundant processing and process delays
  • Individually adaptable workflows
  • Reduction of error-prone manual data entry
  • Consistent data management (IT compliance)
  • Greater transparency and the ability to provide information
  • Fast transaction processing, adherence to deadlines

Our reference:

Inbox management

at the Degewo AG

To the reference
  • 1,100 employees
  • Digitization of 82,000 records
  • Company history reaching back more than 90 years

  • “The accounting staff now knows at all times which invoices have reached the company and which of these still need to be processed. Thanks to centralized incoming mail and invoice handling, we were able to streamline our processes.”

    Johannes Baur
    Commercial Director
    HAHNE Holding GmbH
  • “Now, incoming mail is placed directly in the correct case record without any intermediate steps and is simultaneously displayed in the digital inbox of the responsible employee.”

    Stefanie Stein
    Project Manager
    Job Center MainArbeit, City of Offenbach