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Find Documents in Seconds

Maximize efficiency at your companyn

Gaining access to information and unleashing the value it holds are key factors in a company’s ability to compete. No company or public administration can afford to have key knowledge and expertise held in the hands of individual employees or departments.

Having efficient, sustainable information management is absolutely essential. Enterprise Content Management provides the digital foundation for this, making it easier for employees to search for information during all phases of knowledge processing. Information can be located quickly, managed transparently, distributed in a targeted way, and archived in an audit-proof manner, whenever and wherever you need it. This way, enaio® ensures your company’s knowledge is used productively, which provides a clear competitive advantage for you.

  • Search all databases across the organization
  • Search for written content, including in charts and graphs
  • Segmented full-text hit listsn
  • Search in specific folders or registers
  • Granular configuration of access and security system possible


Defining pre-selected search terms is a useful addition to the search function.

Full-text search

enaio® is able to capture texts from image documents.

Linguistic analysis

Words of any type or form are incorporated into the search.

Focused full-text search

Full-text search can be restricted to defined areas to speed up the search and optimize the number of hits. By restricting the search, you can improve the quality of the results. It is also possible to search in specific folders, registers, or objects, or for pre-defined file types like e-mails.

Sorting the hit list

A number of functions are available that allow you to edit and customize the hit list. The hit list can thus be sorted, grouped, and filtered according to multiple criteria. The facets, i.e., the relevance of the matching hits, are always shown.

enaio® Information Search

Full-text and detailed searches: filterable, configurable, efficient

enaio® makes it easier to search through the information at your company or government agency. One of the main ways it does this is by providing and managing data and documents in a structured, digital format in a system. But enaio® is able to do much more. Well-structured search and presentation functions ensure that access to archived e-mails, correspondence, and electronic invoices pertaining to a customer or business transaction is available at all times in the exact context in which the information is required.

Companies and departments vary. They thus require a highly specific view of the information available. These customized views are supported by our Enterprise Content Management tool, which offers personal advanced search extensions.

For example, semantic-associative processes can be implemented, search results can be faceted in a hit list, and documents containing similar content can be found quickly.

The options to access the solution while on the go using the enaio® app or via your browser are also important. These ensure a continuous flow of information from ECM to employees – anytime and anywhere. The right information is automatically available whenever and wherever you need it, thanks to central access.

  • Auto-complete search terms
  • Semantic search functions and analyses
  • Search contents of similar documents
  • Faceting of search results in a hit list
  • Documents displayed in preview panel

Project reference of this solution:


  • Founded in 1972
  • Founded in 1972
  • Financially strong proprietor and property developer for commercial real estate

  • “We benefit […] from having information on a particular machine available quickly as well as from rapid response times in the event of complaints or questions.”

    Heidi Simunovic
    Head of Service/Inside Sales
    Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH
  • “The potential for improvement just by streamlining and digitally networking our mailing channels, along with the gains in efficiency achieved through process optimization, are substantial. That’s why we made the decision to go with the ECM system.”

    Klaus Ruckriegel
    Head of Finance & Accounting at Central Services
    Martha Maria e.V.