Solution: Manage and archive e-mails with enaio®

Bringing Security to Business E-Mails

enaio® provides transparency

enaio® deeply integrates with Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to easily manage and archive e-mails in an interface that covers all usual business requirements. E-mails are assigned to projects or users on a process-related basis. Your Outlook mailboxes are mapped directly in enaio®, and e-mails are stored transparently in the respective business context, providing you with access to all business-relevant e-mails at any time. Immediate retrieval of all incoming and outgoing e-mails is guaranteed, regardless of the workstation used.

E-Mail Management with enaio®
Making optimum use of electronic communication

Management and archiving

You can manage e-mails throughout the company directly from Outlook and archive them in enaio®.

Optimal management

enaio® offers more than just audit-proof archiving of e-mails.

Perfect integration

enaio® integrates with e-mail programs such as Microsoft Exchange.

Convenient workflows

You can transfer e-mails to workflows. This helps you to avoid interruptions in communication.

Direct Outlook integration

E-mails are assigned to the corresponding projects/users on a process-related basis, making it foolproof to retrieve them.

Manage and Archive E-Mails Across the Company

Improve collaboration and increase IT productivity

By integrating the workflow system integrated in enaio®, e-mails can be structured and processed according to predefined guidelines. Functional mailboxes (info@, press@, etc.) can also be managed.

At the same time, the solution covers all legal requirements for audit-proof, complete e-mail archiving. This means you are finally able to meet the compliance requirements your company is subjected to.

Incoming and outgoing e-mails, including attachments, are automatically archived in a central repository, guaranteeing full audit compliance for years to come.

  • Deep integration with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
  • Audit-proof e-mail archiving
  • Support in the fulfillment of IT compliance
  • Structured and central storage of all e-mails
  • Rule-based storage, either automated or via drag & drop
  • Process-related management of e-mails in digital records
  • Worldwide access to electronic business correspondence
  • Avoidance of duplicate storage (Single Instance Store)
  • Quick searches, including full-text search
  • Transfer of e-mails to workflows

Our reference:

Digital e-mail management 

at Mediengruppe Pressedruck

To the reference
  • Founded in 1945
  • 4,000 employees
  • 1.7 million daily readers
  • €287 million in sales

  • “Today, enaio® manages approx. 330,000 business dossiers with over 1,000,000 business transactions. These include 4,200,000 documents, receipts, and e-mails.”

    Bruno Frutiger
    Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM)
  • “Our long-term goal is to avoid media disruptions throughout the entire hospital. In addition to the data from the HIS, documents and invoices, e-mails, Office files, and other documents need to be stored reliably in the digital archive.”

    Martin Overath
    It Department Head
    University Hospital Frankfurt/Main