Solution: Document lifecycle management with enaio®

Efficient Document Management from Creation to Deletion

Completely reorganize your document lifecycles

Thanks to document lifecycle management, simple workflows, and the digital workflow file, your quality and risk management systems become more relevant and reliable. Being able to view process throughput times, assess waiting times, track requests, and more highlights gaps in the offered services, makes it possible to analyze them, and enables you to meet customer requirements more easily.

In-depth integration in an existing ERP system, such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, for example, further boosts efficiency. With the help of the ECM system, virtually all of your company’s document inventory can be linked to the ERP system. Interfaces to specialist applications provide a vital contribution towards making e-government a reality, which is set to become increasingly important in the coming years.

enaio® supports document lifecycle management
Creating, capturing, processing, archiving – from a single source!

Greater transparency

Maintain an overview of your documents: All modifications are documented, and media disruptions are eliminated.

Different areas

A wide range of ERP systems can be easily linked with enaio® – interfaces to other specialist applications are included.

Effective archiving

Searching and finding made faster: The audit-proof archiving ensures that your information is stored in the best possible way.

Dynamic Information Management with enaio®

A digital approach to document lifecycle management

If you want to compete successfully in your sector, you need to understand it. What are the key factors? What offers the greatest leverage for your future success?

Information and knowledge management based on enaio® enables an in-depth analysis of market developments and helps you develop successful strategies. Unstructured data is organized and linked in a way that allows you to easily identify information, make it accessible, and identify opportunities early on.

Your employees’ ability to provide information improves considerably, and decisions can be made more quickly. All work processes are highly standardized with the help of digital records (e.g., project or customer records and much more), intelligent workflow management, and interfaces to specialist applications. Secure access to a permanently up-to-date database lets you avoid doubling up on work unnecessarily.

  • Intelligent workflow management
  • Automatic capture and classification of documents
  • Interfaces to numerous specialist applications
  • 360° view of all relevant information
  • Audit-proof archiving

Improved security, enhanced networking

The more additional tasks you take on, the more time and effort it will take to keep track of all your contracts. enaio® lets you manage your contracts with the help of the digital contract record, which brings together all the important contract data, deadlines, and documents in a clearly structured format. Supplemented by comprehensive search functions, the automatic transfer of data, Office integration, records management, and audit-proof archiving, it creates an ideal basis for effective contract management.

In many cases, cross-organization processes offer huge potential for boosting efficiency. Collaboration tools, integrated groupware and portals, and mobile document management via WebClient let you create a uniform information, communication, and control platform in your company that extends across departments and sites. Flexible user rights and roles enable all authorized qualified employees to access the platform – anytime, anywhere, and in keeping with the highest security standards.

  • “We previously worked with paper files. Making the switch to digital records and using digital workflows will enable us to make significant improvements to our work processes.”

    Elmar Kaiser
    Head of IT Department
    City of Freising