Solution: Document classification with enaio® classify

Sort and Classify Documents

Say goodbye to tendious sorting

enaio® classify is a professional classification component with an integrated validity check that automatically recognizes and correctly classifies forms and receipts. This makes it an ideal complement to the capture functions of enaio® capture and is suitable, for example, for the development of largely automated incoming invoice processing solutions. 

Automatic classification of inbound documents will allow you to save a lot of time and money, especially when capturing large quantities of documents. The solution can be integrated into any existing archive, ECM, or workflow systems and thus fits seamlessly into your existing software architecture.

  • Automatic capture and forwarding of large quantities of documents, e.g., invoice receipts, delivery notes, forms
  • Cost savings thanks to faster processes
  • Optimization of the e-mail inbox through automatic classification

This is how enaio® classify works:
Classified data fields are created from unstructured input data.

Recognition & extraction

enaio® classify identifies adresses, invoice recipients, VAT amounts, or complete line-item tables.

Integrated workflows

Convenient processes guaranteed:
from fully automated scanning through to indexing.

Precise vlidation

enaio® automatically recognizes whether a receipt is legally compliant or whether an invoice has been completed correctly.

Capture and verification

Documents are classified, invoices are validated, and invoice data is compared against existing data.

Correction and editing

Sample invoice: Information is extracted from the invoice and automatically assigned to the appropiate data fields.

Scanning and data capture with enaio® classify

Efficient document digitalization at the workstation or via bulk import

The enaio® classify classification component enables the semi-automatic to fully automatic capture of incoming invoices in your company, even for paper-based documents. Address and invoice data as well as other relevant information contained in the documents is captured and classified. Captured data can be validated against systems external to enaio®. This makes it possible, for example, to reconcile invoices against an ERP system.

  • Automatic capture of index data from incoming invoices, e-mails, and other documents as well as direct storage in enaio®
  • Automatic determination of the storage location
  • Execution of validity checks
  • Direct comparison against ERP and other specialized systems
  • Automatic transfer of documents to workflows

Easily automate your invoice receipt process

  • OCR recognition of scanned documents, including subsequent correction
  • Classification and indexing of documents based on extracted data
  • enaio® classify invoice basic: Document analysis system for capturing all key data fields
  • enaio® classify barcode: Recognition and capture of data via barcodes

  • “What immediately impressed us about enaio® were the existing options for searching documents and displaying them in the right context.”

    Ralph Ewringmann
    Head of Controlling
    Schäfer-Bauten GmbH
  • “We have [...] found the ideal partner for a standardized and holistic solution approach to accurate data capture and processing.”

    Volker Sundermeier
    Managing Director Administration
    Häcker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG