Solution: enaio® labs – digital laboratory records

Seamless Flow of Information in the Lab

Made possible by digital laboratory records

enaio® labs is a basic software tool used to manage and document lab processes. As multidisciplinary lab records, all specialist disciplines that generate or capture lab data within the company can be shown as modular digital file cabinets in the enaio® Laboratory Content Center.

Customer-specific developments are available for biological diagnostics, clinical chemistry, toxicology, food testing, environmental analysis, and forensic technology, as well as the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors. Special add-on modules – enaio® lims and Biobanking/Big Data – are available to add to the matching specialist disciplines in enaio® labs.

  • Biological diagnostics
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Food analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Forensic science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive

The digital laboratory with enaio® labs


The perfect system for your lab.


Keep a constant eye on key information.


Interfaces for optimal collaboration.

Digitally manage lab processes

The project management function in enaio® labs delivers a clear overview of documented lab samples.

Task and workflow management

The current processing status of lab samples can be viewed directly in enaio® via task and workflow management.

Digital Lab Record Information Brought to You by enaio®

Constant overview of all lab processes

All recorded data and documents regarding a process are managed in the matching digital record in the Laboratory Content Center. All types of documents, including Office files, images, and e-mails, are supported electronically.
The context-specific digital record serves as the user interface where you can edit lab processes, manage results, and create reports. Data forms, which can be easily customized, can be used to define metadata (e.g., experimenter, date, method, device, assay) for each process and export this information together with test readings to reports and logs.

  • Modules available for all lab disciplines
  • Manual or automated data import
  • Integration of paper documents and accompanying text recognition
  • Differentiated rights system and user administration
  • Comprehensive full-text search function, search filters, and configurable search forms
  • Sample registration and barcode support

Numerous functions for your lab

Using the digital lab records in enaio® labs, all specialist disciplines that generate or capture lab data within the company can be mapped in enaio®. Each lab discipline receives its own modular digital record cabinet.

  • Resource planning and stock-keeping
  • Device and test equipment management
  • Assay and aliquot characterization
  • Report and certificate generation
  • Statistical calculation
  • Lab workflow and process management
  • Manage and send results

  • “enaio® helps to optimize company-wide processes by structuring, standardizing, and thus simplifying them.”

    Wolfgang Gleiniger
    Allergopharma GmbH & Co. KG
  • “We’ve been able to save time and space. The time and costs associated with transporting files and records are a thing of the past. Along with that, the departments are now able to collaborate more effectively. Documents which had been distributed as hard copies are now stored electronically, meaning that multiple authorized users at different locations can access them at once.”

    Martin Overath
    IT Department Head
    University Hospital Frankfurt/Main