Solution: Digital archiving with enaio®

Archive Your Documents

Audit-proof with evidential value

An electronic archive doesn’t take up any shelving. It also makes digital documents immediately available everywhere, and access to them can be reviewed. Numerous laws and regulations ensure proper storage by regulating which content can be stored in which way and for which time period. For example, digital archiving with enaio® makes it easy to implement the requirements of the GoBD.

  • Save time, paper, and space for the archive
  • Quicker access to documents and information
  • Increased ability to provide information internally and externally
  • Secure protection through restricted access only for authorized employees
  • Audit-proof thanks to seamless traceability and documentation

Records management and archiving from a single source
enaio® always keeps your document stock clean, thus enabling meaningful archiving


enaio® ensures that changes and access can be traced at all times.

Deadline management

enaio® allows you to maintain an overview of your storage deadlines at all times.

Faster ROI

Digital archiving saves time, space, and materials – which pays off fast.

Digital archiving solutions

Archiving solutions need to uphold legal deadlines. enaio® assists you with this challenging task.


Digitally Archiving Documents with enaio® – Details

Audit-proof, evidential value, process-oriented

enaio® provides a basis for implementing the requirements of the German Commercial Code (Sections 239, 257), the German Fiscal Code (Sections 146, 147), and the GoBD guidelines. Your information and documents that need to be stored are managed across their entire lifecycle and remain archived in an audit-proof manner.

Archiving is carried out in such a way that information can be located at any time, access and changes are transparent, and all documents remain unchanged and secured against forgery (for documents where this is required).

enaio® provides you with the ideal tools for forgery-proof, long-term archiving of electronic information.

  • Fulfills all legal requirements for storing documents (IT compliance)
  • Maps guidelines such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Directive 2006/43/EC of the European Parliament and Council, and Basel III
  • GoBD-compliant archiving of tax-relevant data
  • Qualified signature features and features for ensuring the authenticity of digital documents
  • Protected access to the system; single sign-on and integration of other authentication technologies
  • Group-based and user-specific rights assignment
  • Certified interfaces to cutting-edge storage technologies from iTernity, NetApp, EMC² Center, and more

Archiving processes

  • Automatically scan a large number of documents (capture component).
  • Automatically classify documents, and automatically extract and check the plausibility of their contents.
  • Systematically record business processes and transactions (Records Management).
  • Make documents available independently of applications (Rendition Management).

Archiving with evidential value

enaio® supports qualified electronic signatures that can be used to clearly assign the creation and editing of documents and decisions to a single editor. Integrating digital signatures ensures the permanent digital archiving of all data managed by the system. This also ensures the authenticity and integrity of documents and decision-making processes.

  • Archive documents in a way that provides evidential value pursuant to BSI TR 03138 RESISCAN and BSI TR-03125
  • ArchiSafe- and ArchiSig-compliant
  • Signature validation via Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
  • Automated monitoring service to ensure validity of signatures and hashtags (including timestamp update)

Transformation into a standardized data format

Rendition management is important with regard to the long-term archiving of business-relevant data and documents. This involves transforming short-lived formats into long-lasting, standardized file formats so that the readability of important documents remains guaranteed over periods of many years. Moreover, PDF renditions can be converted into PDF/A.

In order for documents to remain available over the long term, independently of applications, enaio® Rendition Management converts many special data formats into standard formats such as TIFF or PDF.

Renditions can be generated from documents in all Office formats, COLD data, data from various third-party applications, or various text or image formats, and can be viewed with standard viewers.

Meanwhile, the source file remains intact in its original format. The respective editing statuses, such as of active Word documents, can be documented, electronically signed, and archived in an audit-proof manner.

Our reference:

Digital Archiving at Reha Assist Deutschland GmbH

To the reference
  • founded in 2004
  • over 4,000 supervised rehab cases
  • 5 different divisions

  • “Thanks to the combination of an ECM solution with an archiving solution, we now have a centralized, audit-proof archive that optimally protects data, yet keeps it available.”

    Martin Overath
    IT Department Head
    University Hospital Frankfurt/Main
  • “We chose OPTIMAL SYSTEMS because it integrates archiving, document management, and workflows into a single product.”

    Stefan Antholzer
    Head of IT
    Flottweg GmbH