Solution: Managing contract workflows and records with enaio®

Manage Contracts Efficiently

The enaio® digital contract record

Stay fully informed and in control throughout the entire contract lifecycle. enaio® enables you to aggregate all contract information centrally and provides functions for managing it efficiently. This applies in particular to all existing purchase, service, rental, or lease contracts as well as the total costs of concluded contracts – with a simple solution that has been tried and tested in practice.

  • Integrates inventory management systems, e.g., ERP systems such as SAP
  • Archiving using non-modifiable storage systems
  • Qualified, electronic document signing
  • Complete overview of contract status and current transactions

All contract phases under control
enaio® helps you to keep full control of all contracts


Proven functions that have been successfully used by our customers for years.

to upgrade

Plenty of room for targeted expansions and implementation of your own ideas.

Designed with security in mind

Comprehensive protection of your contracts and data thanks to a granular rights system.

Manage contracts and meet deadlines

Easily manage your contracts in a contract record. A follow-up function supports your deadline management.

Work digitally with greater efficiency

The contract record always holds the current contact data of the contract partner, and workflows ensure seamless processes.

Digital Contract Record: Centerpiece of Your Contract Management

Digital handshake – on time, efficient, and secure

Digital contract records in enaio® are not only used for the administration of contracts; they accompany all contract documents from creation to contract termination and beyond. This means that you have a complete overview of important contract-relevant information throughout all stages of the contract management process. You can also easily create business documents and rest assured that business processes are logged accurately – from classification and adherence to deadlines and dates to the integration of external contract parties and subsequent audit-proof archiving.
Our electronic contract record can be implemented into an existing IT structure quickly and easily. Contract management and processing does not get any simpler than this.

  • Central storage of contracts and contract-related documents
  • Context-based management of all information in electronic records
  • Inclusion of mandatory information such as contract type, responsibilities, etc.
  • Release workflows, deadline management, variant administration, and
  • version comparisons
  • Targeted assignment of internal responsibilities & access rights
  • Integration of external contract participants

Customize and Integrate enaio®

Every company is different, just like every contract. enaio® can be specifically adapted to the requirements of your organization and the contract management you want. The standard version delivers all basic ECM functions. If you need added functionality, there are a variety of enhancement options, for example, for creating contracts, optimizing contract processes, or working with contract data in ERP systems.

  • Connect to inventory management systems, e.g., SAP
  • Automated data synchronization with the leading system
  • Configure contract data and documents in SAP
  • Transfer of accounts receivable and accounts payable master data
  • Create contracts and templates in a (partially) automated manner
  • Archiving using non-modifiable storage systems
  • Integrate a qualified electronic signature

Our reference: 

Digital Contract Management at the Valora Group

To the reference
  • 15,000 employees
  • CHF 2.6 billion in sales
  • Founded in 1905

  • “Introducing this solution has made a huge difference. There is no other way of putting it! We can’t imagine doing without it.”

    Holger Rommel
    Head of IT
    Gries Deco Company GmbH (Depot)
  • “Our users readily accepted the contract record because it is easy to see which contracts are about to expire. They are stored in a central location rather than with the respective central or divisional manager, as was the case before.”

    Andreas Barmettler
    Head of Controlling
    Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag