Solution: Collaboration management with enaio®

Teamwork Is the Future


enaio® gets your organization working together

What good does it do if all information within a company is available in digital form, but it’s distributed across various locations and departments in an unstructured way? enaio® helps you organize the daily barrage of largely unstructured data and information using a standardized platform. This doesn’t merely involve capturing and archiving data, then managing it using a document management system (DMS); it also involves keeping it up-to-date and always providing it to authorized employees at the right time.

In keeping with this aim, centralized management of business-relevant information is one of the key features of enaio®. All of the documents managed in the system can be viewed, edited, and sent by all employees with the corresponding authorization. This saves time and shortens communication routes.

  • Centralized management of business-relevant information
  • A standardized, expandable information platform
  • Secure, controllable access and security system
  • Context-driven search functions


enaio® subscriptions do away with superfluous notifications within a team: You are automatically kept informed of changes to an object.


Portfolios function like a collection of links, grouping as many documents, directories, addresses, and more as desired by topic or project.


enaio® allows you to share knowledge both internally and externally. Internal links can be used to refer to documents, directories, and maps, for example.

Quick notation

Notes and annotations support quick exchange between enaio® users. Notes can be stored with individual enaio® objects, and can be researched. Moreover, they can be used to link together documents, registers, and similar. Variant administration provides a clear representation of the current editing status in a highly transparent, audit-proof way.


Sharing documents

The sharing feature in enaio® allows users to assign specific documents to specific recipients or recipient groups. Users can also issue rights that enable the recipient(s) to merely receive notification, or to make use of expanded editing options.

Made for Business – Electronic Records

Work Digitally Throughout the Company

You can achieve more if you work together. Collaboration management with enaio® improves collaboration, or makes it possible to begin with – from person to person, team to team, location to location, and beyond. The goal of the solution is to better leverage existing synergies through consistent digitalization. All authorized employees – across all locations and companies – can see, edit, and send all documents and information, plus hand these over to an integrated workflow system.

Fruitful collaboration arises when the form and content of data and documents merge to create intelligent objects (electronic records) that contain all information required for meaningful work. Datasets and documents are merged and managed in folder structures within these records.

  • Work together, leverage synergies
  • Use documents throughout the company
  • Folder structure provides an overview

Digital Records – Customizable for Every Purpose

  • All important information in a single record
  • Single Instance Store
  • Flexible provision via internal and external references
  • Numerous areas of application

  • “We benefit from the centralized information base – everyone knows that they can quickly access information, and where they can find this information. This improves collaboration between employees.”

    Sven Erik Sahrhage
    formerly part of Group Process Management
    Edeka Minden-Hannover Stiftung & Co. KG
  • “We are very satisfied. We were able to complete the project at our five locations [...]. We enjoy a high level of user acceptance, and our projected process speeds have been exceeded.”

    Ingo Maschauer
    Project Manager
    Bayernhafen GmbH & Co. KG