Solution: Implement business process management with enaio®

Automate Processes

Synchronize collaboration

Business process management and electronic process management involve a large number of complex processes. Making these transparent and simplifying them by leveraging new synergies are two of the core goals of our software. The enaio® ECM solution optimizes the flow of information from person to person and from location to location.

Business processes in the form of digital workflows can be modelled, managed, monitored, and further developed. Moreover, this can be done throughout the company – for tender preparation, vacation requests, project management, approval processes, and much more.


  • Effectively manage business and work processes, and make them transparent and accessible
  • Optimally synchronize employee collaboration
  • Lastingly improve work quality
  • Quickly, reliably achieve company goals


Flexibly implement BPM processes
enaio® workflows adapt to your needs

Efficient business

From digital document management to automated invoice receipt, workflows are tangibly accelerated.

Synchronized collaboration

Numerous ECM features, such as subscriptions and follow-ups, create opportunities for employees to collaborate.

Continuously monitored processes

enaio® provides options for systematically recording and evaluating all processes: Records Management and Process Mining.

Digital invoice processing

Business process management maps complex processes such as automated invoice receipt. Few people know that digital document management supports many business processes – provided the BPM software in use has a sufficiently broad range of features. 

Digitally manage documents

Document management enables immediate access to all information, across the company. Setting up electronic records makes e-mails, letters, tenders, invoices, contracts, and documents available in the right context. Numerous ECM features support workflows involving documents.


Digitally Accelerated Document Processes

Optimal value creation through automated workflows

One of the key advantages of using enaio® to optimize business processes is the automation of frequently recurring work processes, such as ones for forwarding incoming post. This is carried out with the help of Workflow Management in enaio®.

But even when processes are perfectly organized, there still needs to be room to make spontaneous decisions. The enaio® Workflow module allows you to implement processes with fixed structures as well as ad hoc ones based on given situations. These smart-structured workflows keep processes flexible. In turn, this gives your employees room to make personal decisions, such as to submit follow-up inquiries or grant additional approvals.

  • Automates continuously recurring workflows
  • Manages workflows with fixed structures as well as situation-specific ones
  • Logs process documents and data in workflow files
  • Improves coordination within the team
  • Integrates electronic signatures for authentication
  • Substitution rules for scheduled absences
  • Integration with specialist and external applications

Our reference: 

Digital business process management at AS DNB Banka

To the reference
  • 13,365 employees
  • Market value of €15 billion
  • Locations in Heslinki, New York, Hamburg, London, Shanghai, and other places

  • “Our invoice processing times have been reduced by up to 80 percent, thanks to the incoming document workflow that integrated perfectly into our company workflows.”

    Björn Gersch
    Director Operations
    Meyer GmbH & Co. KG
  • “We recently introduced the solution, and many of our employees already appreciate the new level of transparency and accelerated work processes.”

    Wolfgang Fuhr
    Head of IT and Organization
    Gebr. Pfeiffer SE