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Largest private science sponsor
engages in comprehensive
document management

The non-profit foundation focuses on the promotion of science and technology in research and education. Supporting young scientists and encouraging cooperation across national borders are of particular interest. In its more than 50 years of existence, the foundation has provided more than €4.2 billion for over 30,000 projects.

This makes it the largest private institution for the promotion of science in Germany and one of the largest foundations in Europe. However, it is not a company foundation, even if the name may suggest otherwise.

The introduction of an enterprise content management system was preceded by a long test phase, which was carried out with the support of ECM consultant Zöller & Partner. The Volkswagen Foundation decided to use the OPTIMAL SYTEMS ECM system to process funding records and thus relieve the burden on the departments – and has relied on it for many years. Advantages include faster access to the funding records, significantly less paper usage, structured and audit-proof archiving, accelerated processing workflows, and much more.

Document Management at Volkswagen Foundation

  • 30,000 projects
  • €4,7 billion sponsorship funds
  • €150 million in funding per year
  • Company history reaching back 50 years

  • In the end, it's all about the human factor. The chemistry must be right, which also - or perhaps especially - holds true for consulting.

    Bernhardt Zöller
    ECM Consultant
    Zöller & Partner GmbH