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    Digital Customer and Personnel Records
    Integrated with SAP

MVV Energie AG

MVV is a digital pioneer and has been using
our ECM system for 20 years.

MVV Energie has been employing solutions from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS since 1998. In addition to the wide range of functions the solution offers, a key decision factor was its ability to be adapted to industry-specific requirements.

Another central feature of critical importance to the utilities provider is that enaio® integrates with the SAP ERP system. MVV uses the electronic personnel record, which integrates with SAP HR and allows users to manage all current and archived documents related to personnel or pay scale matters as well as ancillary personnel files (e.g., authorizations, signature verification). The company also uses enaio® to complement SAP and to act as a central solution for the capture, classification, and workflow-based processing of incoming invoices.

Approximately 500 invoices are processed each day by the automatic invoice verification and payment release system.

With enaio®, MVV Energie now has an ECM solution that fully covers all requirements specific to energy suppliers, in particular with regard to filing structures, automated incoming invoice processing, interfaces to industry-specific ERP systems, and comprehensive document management. Processed documents include consumption bills, contract documents, plant documentation, and service connection records. Any number of documents can be captured across the company, archived in a legally compliant manner, and made available to all employees from a central location. The customer is furthermore planning to roll out the ECM solution to other specialist departments.

Our Reference

MVV Energie AG

  • 6,000 employees
  • Company exists since 1873
  • Over €4 billion in sales

  • Records no longer clutter my desk, and all documents are immediately at hand. Thanks to rapid access to the personnel record directly at the workstation, employees no longer shy away from checking again when in doubt about something. This was not always possible with the reference file, since often nobody quite knew where it was. Now everyone knows where to find each single record.

    Christiane Faust
    Head of Personnel Service Center
    MVV Energie