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    Digital Patient Record Provides Transparency and Reduces Workload

Maria-Hilf Stadtlohn Hospital

Fast and unrestricted access to important information

For a hospital with a well-coordinated range of services, having fast and unrestricted access to important information is essential. To stay on top of the ever-increasing complexity of paper archives and the restricted availability of patient records, the Maria-Hilf Stadtlohn Hospital decided to introduce a software solution for document management and digital archiving.

The ECM solution ensures simultaneous and 24/7 access to patient data, regardless of location or workstation. Misplaced or borrowed records are a thing of the past. The search options also allow for swift access. All data and documents are archived in a legally compliant and audit-proof form. As data is managed both in the ECM system and in the leading systems, it is possible to continue hospital operations if one of the systems fails. All in all, processes run quicker with software from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, the information you’re searching for is readily on hand, and costs related to paper and archive space are eliminated or reduced.

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Document management at the Maria-Hilf Stadtlohn GmbH Hospital and Medical Service Center

  • Founded over 150 years ago
  • More than 200 employees in the care sector
  • €24 million in sales

  • We were impressed by both the scope and the excellent value. The software has been widely accepted in all corners of our office.

    Michael Saffé
    Managing Director
    Maria-Hilf Stadtlohn Hospital

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