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    Large Savings of Costs and Time By Replacing Paper Archives


Increased efficiency

Sea transports require numerous documents that must be accessed continuosly. Working with paper documents resulted in major disadvantages, such as multiple filing, cumbersome searches, or time-consuming archiving. In addition, the paper archives of HUGOS STINNES SCHIFFAHRT GmbH (HSS) were located at various locations.

All in all, the old archive had become too sluggish, impractical, and opaque. For these reasons, HSS was looking for a solution to make document handling more effective in order to save time and money. It quickly became clear that the issues could only be solved by introducing an electronic archive and document management system.

Our Reference

Digital Document Management at HUGO STINNES SCHIFFAHRT GmbH

  • Founded in 1920
  • Shipping company with a proud tradition
  • Member of the former Hugo Stinnes GmbH Group