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    Group-Wide Information Management Platform with 82,000 Digitized Records

degewo AG

Tenant files, archive, and workflows: digital, secure, fast

degewo AG has introduced the ECM software from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS as a group-wide information management platform. During the first project phase, an electronic tenant record was introduced and the system was integrated with the existing IT landscape.

Around 82,000 tenant files were digitized, transported, and stored. Other project milestones included the implementation of a digital tenant record with integrated incoming and outgoing mail handling, legally compliant digital archiving, and the use of workflows.

Our Reference:

degewo AG

  • 1,100 employees
  • Digitization of 82,000 records
  • Company history reaching back more than 90 years

  • Our rather complex demands on the software included, among other things, the adaptability of the software, especially with regard to legal and internally prescribed retention periods, the ability to accommodate future requirements, and a convenient user interface.

    Martina Ebel
    Project Team Member
    degewo AG