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CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft

The warranty and customer loyalty specialist

CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft, headquartered in Freiburg im Breisgau, was the first provider in Europe to introduce the used car warranty in Germany in 1971. Since then, CarGarantie has continuously expanded its product range and today offers specialist dealers comprehensive warranty and customer loyalty programs for used and new vehicles. CarGarantie has an international network of offices in 19 countries, including numerous European nations and China. With a pool of 2.1 million warranty contracts and over 23,000 contractual partners, CarGarantie is one of the leading and most experienced warranty providers in Europe.

In 2014, CarGarantie decided to introduce enaio® from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS in order to efficiently manage their vast number of international contracts. The solution focuses on digital contract records, which are managed and processed in the legal department of CarGarantie. Accompanying documents – e.g., correspondence e-mails – can be linked to these records. The ECM system supports the entire contract creation process in CarGarantie’s legal department. First, templates in the system help to create the contract more quickly. Mobile access is also available so that employees can access the contract documents while in the field.

Digital Management at CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft

  • 19 countries
  • 1 million warranty agreements
  • 23,000 contractual partners

  • The central availability of contractual records provides us with a better overview and more transparency while also saving valuable time. At the same time, built-in rights management allows us to reliably protect sensitive data.

    Klaus Herzog
    Head of Warranty Processing and Legal