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    A Smoother Journey on Berlin’s Local Public Transport Thanks to ECM

BT Berlin Transport GmbH

All aboard the digital express

BT Berlin Transport GmbH, a company in the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe Group, is continuing to expand its ECM solution into a company-wide information hub. Centralized document management in this case guarantees company-wide access.

Workflows and follow-up functions allow open transactions to be fully and reliably processed. This means, for example, the payroll department automatically receives a notification about necessary wage continuations via a specialist absence management system. Team leaders are informed about workplace accidents via workflow and can make new arrangements in good time. Dispatchers are reminded about open incidents thanks to the follow-up function and can display information about these, including all persons involved and the respective processing status. Previously, this was associated with long waits. Moreover, usually only a single employee had this information at a time (access was occasionally passed on from employee to employee).

Long waits to obtain information are now a thing of the past. The workflow-relevant data is available to all employees involved at any time. The detailed indexing greatly simplifies and accelerates search processes, meaning you no longer need different folders full of paper.

The digitization of 600,000 HR documents and several hundred ring binders in the control center didn’t just create office space but also more space on desks. The hours saved every day thanks to the use of ECM software will help support the drivers on-site and eventually benefit each passenger.

Our reference

BT Berlin Transport GmbH

  • More than 1,900 employees
  • Founded in December 1999
  • Digitization of 600,000 HR documents

  • Customer satisfaction is important to us. enaio® puts us in the position to be proactive again rather than reactive.

    Michael Hammer
    Project Manager
    BT Berlin Transport GmbH