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ADAC Hansa e.V.

Regionalclub ADAC Hansa is breaking new ground in the field of information technology, and other ADAC clubs are following its lead

ADAC Hansa e. V. is one of the 18 independent regional clubs of Europe’s largest automobile club with a total of 20 million members. Since its foundation in 1903, the Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club e. V., headquartered in Munich, has been pursuing the ‘protection and promotion of the interests of motor vehicles, motor sports, and tourism,’ as set forth in the club’s statutes.

The Hamburg-based ADAC Hansa represents the interests of its members in Hamburg and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. It was also the first club to tackle the task of digitalizing its infrastructure, and other regional clubs are now following suit.

The Controlling department in particular benefits from simplified data processing workflows, in part thanks to the seamless connection to the existing financial accounting system. The first steps towards complete digitization in the specialist departments of ADAC Hansa have thus been taken.

The ADAC is planning to implement a central and flexible enterprise content management solution across all associations over the long term in order to create uniform organizational structures irrespective of the federal structure of the association. Meanwhile, five other ADAC regional clubs have also introduced enaio®, among them, for instance, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg. The result: simpler, faster release and archiving procedures and intuitive workflow management.

Digital Workflow at ADAC Hansa

  • Europe’s largest motor vehicle club
  • Tradition since 1903
  • 19,619,227 members
  • A total of six ADAC clubs use enaio®

  • Initially, employees feared that a new work and project management application in accounting could complicate things. But it soon became clear that the new solution would make their work significantly faster, better, and more convenient.

    Ralf Tischler
    Project Manager for Labor Organization & Accounting
    ADAC Hansa