• The Philosophy Behind enaio® blueline

    Use. Smart. Solutions.

Getting It Done – Smarter , Working More Efficiently – All the Time, Everywhere


Maximum user comfort plus a full range of features, tailored to meet the sector-specific challenges of your company or administrative department – that’s what enaio® blueline has to offer. Enjoy faster processes and work more efficiently.


Our digital solutions are user-oriented and intuitive, the results of nearly 30 years of proven software development at one of the leading German providers of enterprise information management solutions. Working with enaio® blueline means working smart.


We offer the right solution to face every challenge and the matching technological solution for every situation. enaio® blueline can be used everywhere where things are being managed and communicated – in the healthcare sector, in the energy industry, everywhere.

Having many options is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because you can choose, and a curse because you have to.

It’s nice when you can select just what you need from all the options out there – and simply go ahead and use it. That’s the thinking behind our ‘Use.’ principle. We believe in taking what’s proven to be the best practice solution and using it to usher in the digital workplace. ‘Use’ also means simply doing something instead of having to spend a lot of time thinking about it first.

You can get started now: We’ll help you along the way.

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enaio® blueline brings the digital transformation to your paper-based office: Electronic records support you with centralized administration and automated document storage. Workflows support collaboration across companies and government authorities.
This saves time and space while increasing the quality of service and information.

enaio® blueline is a flexible all-in-one solution for all business requirements related to organizing information in your company or administrative department. It is modularly structured, based on existing templates, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures – this software optimizes collaboration across departments and locations.

Digital information management in the enterprise sector

  • Audit-proof, long-term archiving
  • Digital document management
  • Business process management
  • digital inbox
  • digital contract management

From capturing all your different paper invoices to providing audit-proof storage of business-relevant e-mails, to ensuring seamless integration into your existing ERP system or Office application: We ensure that proven processes are optimized and information flows faster – without media disruptions or any additional programming.

  • capture and classification of documents
  • business process management
  • Integration of ERP applications
  • creation of filing plans
  • collaboration management
  • Centralized document organization
  • Easily integrated into leading systems
  • High level of process reliability
  • A digital platform proven in practice

»We will constantly working to upgrade enaio® blueline. This includes new versions, new features, and new technology – all geared towards meeting our customers’ immediate needs.«