Thanks to a newly developed interface to Agfa ORBIS, the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) can fully exploit the potential of its document management system enaio®. The path to a fully digital archive is open because an export of documents and images from ORBIS to enaio®, the ECM system by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, is being carried out using it. enaio® can even serve as a back-up system.

UKSH: Two systems, but only one archive

The University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) uses Agfa Orbis DMS as a central storage location for documents and images in the ORBIS hospital information system. Long-term archiving, something which every hospital in Germany must ensure, is only possible with the help of an additional archiving system. Until now, it was not possible to connect external archiving systems for complete archiving.

The UKSH has been using the system for archiving for many years. enaio® is the ECM system by the German software manufacturer OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, which supports audit-proof long-term archiving in accordance with legal regulations and completely replaces traditional paper-based archiving.

Until now, a complete export of documents and images from ORBIS to enaio® was not possible. The UKSH IT service company (UKSH ITSG) developed an interface that regularly and retrospectively transfers all document types, including all metadata, via HL7 communication.

New interface: An all-rounder

The interface created by UKSH ITSG can be used for any document type and offers the possibility to define type-dependent export processes. This applies equally to imported documents and documents that were created using forms. Metadata such as form fields are also gathered.

But the software can do even more: Shipping is recorded in a separate database and can be regulated there. This makes a data update or the shipping history traceable, for example.

Simpler and safer

The enaio® software is used in over 100 healthcare establishments and is synonymous with efficient work with documents in medicine and administration. This takes pressure off employees in all areas.  According to a recent study by the Marburger Bund, a physicians’ association in Germany, some doctors spend up to three hours a day performing administrative tasks.

The interface between ORBIS and enaio® at the UKSH not only simplifies work with hospital documents, it also guarantees more security: enaio® is available as a back-up system for the ORBIS KIS in case of emergency. Adherence to the comprehensive compliance guidelines in the health care system is made considerably easier.