Berlin, Germany, 18 September 2018: The software specialist OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has launched a new major release for its enterprise content management software, enaio® blueline.

enaio® blueline as tablet app

Version 9.0 of enaio® blueline is available as a native tablet app for iOS and Android, based on the Web client; a first for this software. Users can now also benefit from the tried-and-trusted enterprise content management software’s entire scope of features on mobile devices, and can access their business documents on-the-go at any time.

Any content can be transferred directly from the Web client into the file system of the tablet. Users can open links in e-mails or other objects that refer to a document in enaio® directly in the app. Business process management workflows can also be used via the tablet application. The Windows solution, which is implemented with the Electron framework, is based on the same source code as the Web and app clients. This standardization simplifies the update process and makes the solution future-proof. An option to use the ECM software offline will also be deployed in the future.

Plus, the Web client itself has become even more powerful: Users can now file documents from reliable Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in the Web client and create new documents from there. In addition, the mail storage service enables mail archiving with the Outlook add-in as well as the Web client.

enaio® Web client now also for tablets

User-friendliness and mobility

Plus, numerous new features have been added, such as expanded rights groups within the security system, as well as a modernized hit list structure.

“Version 9.0 of enaio® blueline represents a technical improvement upon our proven software and a successful move into the next generation of ECM,” says Silke Widera, Chief Product Owner at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS. “Innovative technologies improve user-friendliness, and more mobility enables more flexible working – these are precisely the core aspects that will make enaio® blueline attractive for companies and authorities in the future as well.”

You can find more information on the major release of enaio® blueline on the ‘Releases’ page.