Efficient IT systems are the backbone of public authorities. Yet, the IT experts of the cities and districts often work in the background. There is big trouble if something does not work here – but if everything goes well, there is often no acknowledgement. Nobody pays any attention to the operation of the technology when it runs smoothly.

In order to acknowledge the work of the IT experts, the local government’s ICT created the ‘IT-Willy’ award. It honors the excellence of IT experts for local governments. The award for administrative districts with up to 150,000 inhabitants was awarded to Stephan Grosser, IT manager at the Weilheim-Schongau district in Upper Bavaria, which includes 34 communities with a total of more than 130,000 inhabitants. He developed a digital archive solution that is connected to the enaio® system used by the district.

IT award for digital archive solution

The administrative district of Weilheim-Schongau in Upper Bavaria has used enaio® from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS for digital document management for many years. Stephan Grosser set up a system that ensures the “preservation of evidence value of cryptographically signed documents” in accordance with the Technical Guideline of the BSI (TR-03125). Digitally signed documents are stored electronically for the time period required by law, while maintaining their value as evidence in subsequent legal disputes. Furthermore, documents can be passed on to other public authorities, courts, or archives and used there in a legally secure manner. The system guarantees the inalterability of documents and also enables long-term archiving of certain documents as required by law.

This puts his administrative district at the cutting edge of document management: Employees and clerks in public authorities, as well as all the citizens and companies, who can look forward to fast and reliable service from the offices, benefit from the digital records and efficient administrative channels.

The IT-Willy award: the e-government award for local governments

There was a comprehensive evaluation process in which the competition judges examined the characteristics and advantages of the system he helped build before Stephan Grosser eventually received the IT-Willy award. Judges were Werner Richthammer from NürnbergMesse, Ludwig Atzberger from DATABUND e.V., Thomas Jannot from MittelstandsWiki, and Eduard Heilmayr as representative of the ICT for local governments. The award ceremony took place at the 10th edition of the 2017 KOMMUNALE in Nuremberg, Germany’s largest trade fair for executives in local government. A total of five IT professionals in different categories received awards.