“Hospital 4.0” refers to a modern organization that works digitally throughout, where there is hardly any analog information. Many of our customers are following this path and have made great progress in implementing a digitalization strategy. These customers include the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main, the Mathias Spital in Rheine and the UKSH, University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein.

The most important thing: access to information

Hospitals and rehabilitation facilities are complex environments with a variety of information sources and lengthy information paths. In a network of different clinics, departments, different locations, and countless IT solutions, information does not flow as it should because the IT systems are not always compatible with each other. Treatment outcomes often depend on the interaction and cooperation of the departments. It is therefore no surprise that hospital managers are open to new, digital solutions and digital transformation. In a survey called “Clinic 4.0 is coming”, around half of the institutions surveyed stated that the subject of digitalization in their institution is a management issue. Our project experience confirmed this: There are many hospitals that have already benefited from the digitization of information processes with ECM technologies and turned their backs on paper records. This is because paper records increase the communication time between departments, make access to information sources more difficult, and often lead to time-consuming processes in patient treatment.

Advantages of digitalization in the healthcare sector

The advantages of quick access to information are evident both in the medical field and in the administration of hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Digital patient records make treatment processes and healthcare billing more transparent for doctors, patients, health insurance companies, and hospital administration. The Hospital IT Journal spoke about this with CEO Karsten Renz and Sales Director Healthcare Burckhard Romanowski in Berlin. Watch the video about the role of digitalization in hospitals, productivity gains, and other benefits from better information management and the keyword “Hospital 4.0”.