Digital project work is now becoming even easier: enaio® coLab includes a new collaboration tool (alongside the enaio® ECM system’s range of services) that enables multiple, even external, users to work together in projects and on documents.

Teamwork instead of the waterfall model

Traditional line organization is dominant in many companies – unambiguously identified supervisors give out clear instructions to explicitly defined subordinates. But in the wake of the digital transformation, management structures that were previously purely shaped by hierarchy are changing, and project work is now experiencing a boom. Dynamic collaboration also encourages creative output and employee motivation in general.

Innovative tools provide the right support and offer completely new opportunities for flexible teamwork within departments and spanning multiple locations. A sustainable increase in efficiency is guaranteed, especially in regard to time resources and travel costs, because employees no longer have to put up with long train journeys to take part in arduous meetings in stuffy conference rooms at the company headquarters. They coordinate their tasks directly from their familiar workstation, or even from their living room couch if they are working from home or on flextime.

But how do project teams coordinate in terms of preparing documents? How is joint access to the central database guaranteed? And how is the availability of all the relevant information guaranteed at all times? With enaio® coLab!

Overview of the current tasks and task groups

Edit, share, and pass on information

enaio® coLab is the new collaboration solution from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS and represents the perfect addition to the enaio® ECM software. This tool enables documents to be worked on collaboratively within virtual project rooms and information to be exchanged directly between the individual participants. Even better: The edited documents are filed directly in the enaio® ECM system, meaning they can also be used after the project.

Each enaio® user can create project rooms and thus acquire administration rights. This allows both enaio® and non-enaio® users to join via invitation using the conventional enaio® login or various authentication services such as those from Google or LinkedIn. Alongside uploading and editing documents, participants can also define tasks and summarize them in lists. If needed, participants can leave messages in the project rooms to inform colleagues of changes or additions, for example.

Creating a project with a project description

Digital project work combined with the particular advantages of tried-and-trusted enterprise content management technology lays the ideal groundwork for modern teamwork, unrestricted by location, for companies and authorities.

Learn more about the possibilities that enaio® coLab has to offer: to the enaio® coLab product page