Spring is here and the vacation season is approaching. Warm sunshine and a certain je ne sais quoi in the air give rise to thoughts of the approaching vacation season… and the vacation requests are piling up.

If they haven’t already done so, employees will soon be submitting their vacation requests for the summer vacation. For managers and HR, this means additional work: receiving and coordinating vacation requests, checking leave entitlement, approving leave, factoring in vacations for on-going projects, etc. Why not use digital workflows to process requests faster and to manage staff leave efficiently?

Digital vacation request: this is how it’s done!

With a suitable HR management solution, it’s easier and more efficient: among other things, digital workflows enable smooth and paperless processing of vacation requests. Confusing notes on scraps of paper and a far from streamlined procedure are now a thing of the past. And at least one welcome benefit: paperless processing means no back and forth to the printer.

It’s really easy: employees start a vacation workflow with a mouse click and select the desired time period. They can also get an overview of their leave entitlement, the days they have already requested, and so on. In the next step, they click “Continue,” which sends the vacation request to “On vacation:” the digital workflow ensures that the leave request directly reaches the line manager for review and approval. Others are also automatically informed or included: the HR department, accounts, or a deputy– nobody is left outside the loop. Approved vacation is also automatically entered in the public calendars. And like every ECM workflow, all steps and decisions are logged and archived, making them clear and understandable.

Digital vacation request: more time for your actual tasks

Vacation workflow triggered – vacation approved – done! Everyone’s a winner: managers retain an overview of individual vacation entitlements and vacation periods, as well as compensatory time, even with a larger number of employees. Employees can conveniently apply for vacation or find out about what has already been requested or is still outstanding. Processing vacation requests using digital workflows creates transparency, increases employee satisfaction, and leaves time for the actual work to be done.

Fast, smooth, processes – digital workflows are a great help for other HR management tasks too. In combination with a digital staff record, this enables electronic processing and central administration of all HR-related procedures (e.g. application processes).

We hope you enjoy the first days of spring and are looking forward to the vacation season. Don’t forget: request your vacation in good time!