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36 best practice solutions in the solution filter

The success of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS software is based on its versatility, flexibility, and universality. It is the framework for functional, innovative solutions which master the wide variety of challenges of enterprise content management, and can be precisely adapted to the requirements of your company, administrative department, or organization.

Business Partner Record – Digital Structuring of Complex Processes

Keep track of your major projects with the digital business partner record from enaio®. The ECM solution offers numerous features for customer acquisition and support as well as project organization.

Change Management – Digital Support with enaio®

Changes in product or service quality lead to complicated testing and reporting procedures. enaio® makes things easier with workflows, measures templates, and logging functions.

Collaboration Management – Improved Cooperation

Promote collaboration across departments and locations in your company. enaio® creates the basis for this with central digital administration, secure rights management, and search functions.

Complaint Management in Secure Environments

In the event of a complaint, prompt processing is essential. enaio® provides the instruments for recording, checking, and evaluating complaints, e.g. workflows, digital records, and form templates.

Connect Storage Technology to enaio®

With enaio® you can securely store and archive large amounts of data – all in accordance with legal guidelines. The ECM solution provides certified interfaces to all conventional storage technologies.

Contract Management and Contract Records

Manage your contracts even more efficiently with the digital contract record from enaio®. Gain an overview of all contract information, activate release workflows, or create templates.

Deviation Management – Prepared for Every Eventuality

enaio® Deviation / CAPA is a best practice solution that centrally records and documents deviation reports in companies. Workflows support the processing and evaluation of events.

Digital Archiving – Audit-Proof and Secure

Ensure safe storage of your business data with a reliable archiving solution such as enaio®, including central document access, configurable storage, electronic signature, and much more.

Document Capture

enaio® capture helps you to capture, import, and store documents, whether digital or analog. Barcodes are automatically recognized and scanned documents are archived directly, even in the context of workflows.

Document Classification

When it comes to the automated recording of incoming mail and invoices, enaio® classify is in its element. The classification component reads index data, determines storage locations, and transfers documents to workflows.

Document lifecycle management with enaio®

Thanks to document lifecycle management, simple workflows, and the digital workflow file, your quality and risk management systems become more relevant and reliable. Being able to view process throughput times, assess waiting times, track requests, and more highlights gaps in the offered services, makes it possible to analyze them, and enables you to meet customer requirements more easily.

Document Management – Digitalization for the Paperless Office

The enaio® document management solution manages information and documents in a single platform. The range of functions includes context-related archiving, search tools, and connections to specialist applications.

Efficient Applicant Management with enaio®

enaio® supports your HR department with application management. From electronic management of the selection process to digital records for new candidates – you’re always in control.

Electronic Signatures

enaio® besig helps you to authenticate documents beyond doubt – with qualified electronic and legally compliant signatures. Transparency is ensured in release processes, especially in workflows.

Employee Records – Digital Connection of Employee Information

Digitize your applicant management process and boost the performance of your HR department. Use digital files, automated inboxes, or workflows to optimize your personnel processes.

enaio® client

Get an overview of the core functions of the enaio® client: Digital workflows facilitate task organization, and extensive archiving functions provide the necessary level of compliance and security.

Implement Business Process Management in enaio®

Make your business and work processes even more effective and cost-efficient. enaio® provides you with structured workflows and automation tools for your internal company processes.

Incoming Mail – Increased Organization Through Digitalization

Trouble keeping an overview in your mailroom? enaio® accelerates the distribution of incoming mail. From capturing to classification, from pre-sorting to batch processing, new resources are released.

Integrate Microsoft Applications into enaio®

Access your Office documents at any time and from any location: enaio® provides interfaces to all relevant Microsoft applications. Connect Office, Groupware, and Outlook with one ECM.

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics and enaio®

With enaio® you can extend Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX with a feature-rich document management system. Archive your documents in an audit-proof manner or create your own workflows via an interface.

Integrate SAP and enaio®

enaio® extends the ERP software SAP with numerous features of an enterprise information management solution. Use digital records, audit-proof archiving, or search tools to keep tabs on everything.

Interface Compatibility Through REST APIs

enaio® can easily connect to any system via REST API, e.g. web services or mobile applications. This ensures a seamless exchange of information and avoids media breaks.

Invoice Processing – Save Costs Through Digitalization

Take the strain off your Controlling department. Digital invoice processing opens up new potential through automation: for pre-sorting, forwarding, and informing, including connection to financial accounting systems.

Laboratory Records – Better Structures Through Digitalization

Manage and document laboratory processes even faster and more conveniently. enaio® labs is the basic solution for sample analysis, expert opinions, and laboratory workflows. From automotive to pharmaceuticals.

Manage E-Mails with a Direct Connection to Outlook & Co.

Better collaboration, greater productivity, a structured system – that’s email management with enaio®. With tight integration into Microsoft Outlook, rule-based archiving, and fulfillment of compliance requirements.

Media Management with enaio® – Efficient, Simple, Multimedia-Based

Simple and intuitive media management? No problem with enaio®. The ECM solution offers more than conventional image databases with its image comparison, batch processing, thumbnail preview, plus many ECM functions.

Project Management with enaio®

Optimize your project management with enaio®: with digital project records, comprehensive workflow features and simple rights management. For targeted project coordination and better communication.

Quality Management with enaio®

enaio® provides you with the tools you need for quality optimization in all areas. Log process flows, improve your ability to provide information, and detect deviations even faster.

Regulatory Affairs – Drug Approval with enaio®

Our solution allows all documents and files required in connection with regulatory requirements and submissions to be clearly managed.

Sample Processing – Digitalization of Laboratory Work

enaio® lims is a module of the Laboratory Content Center, the ECM-based processing system for laboratory processes. The module enables the processing and management of laboratory samples and measurement results.

Search in enaio® – Find Documents in Seconds

Tap into the world of information in your company in no time at all: enaio® delivers fast results using Enterprise Search, including auto-completion and full text search. A real home-run.

Session Management with enaio®

Arrange your sessions even more easily, efficiently, and digitally with enaio® to ensure professional session management. Less organizational effort and simple work processes for banks, insurance companies, and associations.

SOP Management and Document Control

Maintain control over the life cycle of your documents with enaio®. Seamless documented processes, multi-stage testing procedures, and secure archiving guarantee reliable workflows. At all times.

Tenant and Real-Estate Records – Greater Transparency Through Digitalization

Managing residential properties can be complex. enaio® ensures greater efficiency in your real estate company with contract management, automated processes, e-mail archiving, and more.

Transmittal Management

Create, transfer, and control transmittals: the ECM solution enaio® offers process automation and collaboration tools for working with business documents within the scope of major projects.

Webclient – For Mobile, Dynamic, Flexible Working

From any location, from any device, worldwide, enaio® webclient enables convenient access to your enterprise management system whenever you want. For even more flexibility in your day-to-day business.